It is evident that Covid 19 may be with us for some time. While most of our areas have been relatively free from the impacts we have seen both interstate and overseas, we must not become complacent with safe practices and to ensure we abide by government health advice. With all of us suffering from Covid 19 fatigue, we are fully aware of the stress this places on Communities/Families and individuals. Please know we are all in this together and only together we can find the support, help and understanding we need to get through this time.
Maintaining quality service delivery during these challenging times remains difficult, however Southern Cross Housing is committed to providing the best service possible under these circumstances.

To this end, when you call us, we will respond, whether this be for a routine enquiry/maintenance or for emergency assistance, we will be here.

  • We will conduct maintenance as safely and promptly as possible
  • We will return calls within 1 business day
  • We will review your rent if your income changes due to Covid, straight away
  • We will be available during business hours to assist the homeless with Temporary Accommodation

Sustaining your tenancy is also our commitment.

  • We will conduct routine inspections in a Covid safe manner
  • We will be here to follow up with rental and arrears payment plans
  • We will review your rent routinely bi-annually according to your current income
  • We will make referrals to support services if you need help
  • If you have a neighbor issue, we will be here to help with that too
  • If your financial situation changes because of Covid, remember it is always best to contact us sooner rather than later.

During this time, the way we provide our services may need to be adapted or changed temporarily, but please be assured we are always just a call away. 1300 757 885
Once again, please be assured we are here for you and in this together.

Alex Pontello
CEO, Southern Cross Housing

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