We are only a phone call away – 1300 757 885.

Our offices may be closed, but all our staff are happy to assist with all your needs over the phone. The continuation of quality service remains our utmost priority, however we must equally keep our staff, residents, and community safe from the Coronavirus pandemic.

As CEO of Southern Cross Housing, I am not immune from the fears and anxieties that many are feeling at this time. We are all concerned about our family and friends, particularly those with compromised health and the elderly. As well as the loss of job security and unemployment, the impact is often more wide reaching within our community with many people suffering depression, domestic violence, and higher rates of suicide. This scares me and saddens me, so please look after yourselves and check if your neighbours are okay.

Amongst all this turmoil, Southern Cross Housing is committed to delivering our core purpose: To provide safe and secure accommodation, and access to support to people who need affordable and stable housing.

So that people are not confused or anxious about what all this means for their tenancy, please note the following:

  • If your household income has not changed or been impacted by unemployment or reduced working hours due to the Coronavirus crisis, then your rent will be reviewed as per the normal bi-annual review process in accordance with Centrelink CPI increases.
  • If your household income has been reduced or you have suffered unemployment due to the Coronavirus crisis, your rent will be reviewed accordingly. It is important you contact Southern Cross Housing as soon as possible so we don’t unknowingly charge you too much.
  • Proposed changes to Tenancy Laws (Moratorium on Evictions) are for people who are struggling to pay their rent due to a loss of income or unemployment caused by the Coronavirus crisis. Please contact Southern Cross if this is the case so we can assist with some workable solutions. These solutions may include affordable payment plans or deferred payments.
  • A Moratorium on Evictions will not stop Southern Cross Housing applying to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) if you fall behind in your rent. If you breach your tenancy agreement by not paying your rent, you must contact us to work out a payment plan. If you do not contact us and fall behind in your rent, we will be applying to NCAT for a Specific Performance Order to ensure you keep up with your payments.

We are here to help.

If you are struggling to pay your rent because your income has changed due to Coronavirus, please let us know so we can assist with a solution.


Alex Pontello,

Chief Executive Officer, Southern Cross Housing

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