Support Partnerships

Southern Cross Housing provides homes for some of the most vulnerable people in society. We recognise that by working with support partners, we can assist our applicants and tenants to access a range of services that will assist them to sustain their tenancies and achieve their goals.

We acknowledge that our core competency is the delivery of housing-related services as well as sector coordination and support. Our care and support model builds on this strength, along with those of our partners.

Our model of care and support


We all need help at different times in our life, and there’s no shame asking for help. Our staff encourage applicants and tenants to let us know when they need help so we can connect you to the supports you need.

Our staff are skilled to identify the early warnings signs when support may be required. Those signs may include a change in a persons behaviour, poor property condition or falling into rental arrears. These may be signs that issues are preventing you from functioning at your best.


When you disclose or we recognise an issue, we will respond in a way appropriate to your need. For urgent or crisis situations, this may mean providing an emergency response to keep you safe. For others, it may mean obtaining some general information so we can identify the most appropriate help for you.  During these conversations, we’ll discuss confidentiality and ensure we have your consent to exchange information with support agencies. In certain circumstances (such as someones life being in danger) we may not ask for  consent, but will act quickly and confidentially to respond to the situation.


We understand no single organisation can be experts in things. At this point, our staff will discuss your needs, and the range of supports available via our partner network. We can make ‘warm’ referrals by sharing the information you’ve provided to us, reducing the need for you to ‘retell’ your story. Alternatively, we can provide contact information and you can self refer.


Following referral, we’ll follow-up to ensure you have the help you need. Where appropriate, we may continue to work with you and your support agency to help sustain your tenancy. You can withdraw your consent at any time, meaning you’re in control. We’ll explain any consequences of you withdrawing consent (For example, if we think this will jeopardize your tenancy).


As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we use reflective practice to review previous cases where a support agency has been engaged and consider how those cases may have been further enhanced. If you have feedback regarding the way we provided support, or the quality of service from the support agency, we welcome your feedback, so we can continually improve the way we work.

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