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Tenants General Information

Tenants General Information

Southern Cross Housing is committed to providing all our clients with the highest levels of service.

The SCH uses the following principles to guide the Tenancy Management:

  • legal compliance: using a written standard residential tenancy agreement and meeting all the legal requirements of a landlord
  • effectiveness: implementing comprehensive and appropriate written tenancy management policies
  • efficiency: putting policies into practice using straightforward and systematic procedures
  • consistency: in the treatment of tenants and information they are given
  • responsiveness: maintaining high standards in responsiveness to individual need
  • being fair and just:
  • assisting tenants to fully understand their tenancy rights and fulfil their tenancy responsibilities
  • assisting tenants to fully understand how the organisation operates
  • giving an assurance to tenants about confidentiality
  • minimising the barriers to effective communication
  • engaging in equitable and non-discriminatory practices
  • offering security of tenure
  • professionalism: establishing an honest, courteous and respectful relationship with tenants
  • competency: offering appropriate information, training and support to workers and management about the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants


As a tenant of SCH you have rights covered by the current legislation pertaining to your tenancy and you also have other rights, which include:

  • To be assured that confidentiality will be maintained at all times
  • To be treated in a fair & non- discriminatory manner
  • To be treated with respect
  • To have access to safe & secure housing
  • To be consulted on your specific housing need and preference & management changes
  • To have security of tenure within the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • To have the right to complain & appeal decisions
  • To use an advocate
  • To be informed on tenant participation
  • To have access to your own information kept on file;


You may pay your rent by various ways:

  • Centrepay – the easy way to pay your bills and expenses. Centrepay is a voluntary bill-paying service that is free for Centrelink customers. Use Centrepay to arrange regular Deductions from your Centrelink payment. You can start or change a Deduction at any time. The quickest way to do it is though your Centrelink account online.
    Below is the link for Centrepay Form:                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Direct deposit (using our coded book): Your deposit book will be issued to you at the time of signing the Residential Lease Agreement. This book is coded with your Property Code, which identifies you, so please do not use any other slip. In order to make your rent payment with this deposit book simply fill out the first deposit slip in your book. Next, take the deposit book with your rent payment to any branch of the Commonwealth Bank and present both to the teller. Please ensure that the teller stamps and initials the butt. The stamped butt then forms part of your record of payment.


On the next business day the bank will advise us of your rent payment and an official receipt will be issued by our office and stored in our computer. A Statement of Receipts will be sent to you periodically (usually monthly) or upon request.


  • Tenants are encouraged to become involved in the provision of Community Housing. You may be involved in the planning, delivery, evaluation and management of our service. Involvement can include:
  • Informal feedback on an individual level Input into formal consultations or advisory committees.
  • Decision making about the management of your own dwelling.
  • Decision making about policies and activities of the organisation through membership of sub-committee.
  • Decision making about the organisation through membership of the organisation
  • Formal feedback through surveys



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