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Tenants Repairs

Tenants Repairs

We aim to ensure that tenants receive the best service possible when it comes to maintaining and repairs properties.


If you have a repair that is an emergency, please call 1300 757 885

This will connect you to our 24 hour emergency call centre, who can then organise repairs if required. They can also contact us to provide support in cases where this is necessary.

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement you can call a tradesperson to fix an emergency repair (types of repairs are listed in the Tenancy agreement), but you will have to pay the tradesperson and then claim for the repair from SCCH.  The maximum cost for this service should be no more than $500.00.

If the repair can wait until the office opens, then it is not considered to be an emergency.


All repairs to a rented premises must be authorised by the Landlord.
If you have occasion to request any type of repair, please call our office any day during office hours and we will attend to the matter as soon as possible. Your can call our Asset Management team direct on 1300 757 885, or contact your local office who will forward your request on the team.

It is the policy of our office to attend to all repair request on a “same day” basis.

Here’s what happens:-
You call our office and ask to speak to the relevant person who looks after repairs.
This person will ask for specific details of the problem.
Often they will suggest something that you can do to fix the problem immediately.
If not, they will take all the details from you and enter them onto a Maintenance Request Form and pass onto the relevant tradesperson or agent.
If the problem is defined as “urgent” we will instruct a tradesperson to fix the problem immediately or advise the agent.
If the tradesperson fails to contact you within 48 hours, (same day for urgent) please advise our office.
Should you experience any difficulty with any repair problem contact our office immediately and ask to speak with the worker responsible for the repairs & maintenance of your property.

We have the following target response times:

For Emergency Repairs that affect Health, safety and security, Essential services failure, and urgent roof leaks we undertake to respond immediately or within 24 hours, if the property is rented from a real estate agent or private landlord this will be immediately or with 48 hours depending the need.

For urgent repairs such as Electricall ( non emergency) Heating/cooling (non emergency) plumbling (urgent) glazing (non urgentcy on our properties we will respond within 5 working days, if the property is rent from a real estate agent or private landlord, this will be within 14-21 days

For other Routine Maintenance the response times vary from within 14-21 days to 28 days or may be deferred depending on the urgency of the repair.


If for any reason you require modifications to the property, ie handrails, please contact your Housing Officer.


As part of our commitment to the owner of your property and for our own asset management policy, our office conducts regular inspections of all properties.
The first inspection will be three months after you move in.
Once your property has been scheduled for one of these periodic inspections, we will inform you by letter, giving you seven 7 days notice.
The staff will ask you at the time of inspection if you have any maintenance issues you wish to mention.


Tenants are responsible for their own lawns and gardens.


Included with the Residential Tenancy Agreement which you signed at the beginning of your Tenancy is your Property Condition Report. The Report forms part of the Agreement. This report describes the condition of the property on the day you take occupation. There is a provision in the report for you to check, and then either agree or disagree with each of the items described within the report.
If you disagree with the Condition Report in any way it is important that you fill out the column called “Tenant agrees” with a ‘N’ (indicating NO – you do not agree) next to the particular room item.
We will give you a copy for your records. Your Condition Report is an important legal document. When you leave the premises we will use this Condition report to assess if there has been any deterioration in the condition of the property during your tenancy.

It is not acceptable to say: “It was like that when I moved in” at the end of the tenancy if you have not noted it on the report at the commencement of your tenancy.
When you move out, we will use this report as the basis for determining what needs to be done to the premises before your bond is released. For instance, if the stove is dirty when you move out and the Condition Report shows that it was clean when you moved in, you will have to clean the stove. The Condition Report is for the protection of both your interests and the landlord’s. Your co-operation in completing the report and returning it to us would be very much appreciated.


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